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Dog yard run and play area
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Overnight dog boarding services your dog will love!

We give your dog "room" to be a dog in our large, natural play yards and spacious boarding rooms. There are no kennels here – just big rooms with windows overlooking our property in the countryside. If your dog is at least four months old, we would love to have you book a stay.

Outdoor Play Areas

  • Lots of room to run and play: Our natural play areas in the countryside include 33,000 square feet of divided play yards with six-foot high, heavy-gauge, chain-link fences.

  • Monitored play: Staff is always outdoors monitoring play time. We also have video cameras with audio capability monitoring the dogs.

  • Choice of group or individual play time:  You can choose community playtime or individual playtime, depending on your dog's needs. Both are supervised. See Group and Private play rates below.

Indoor Rooms

  • 8' x 8' rooms – no kennels

  • Fresh air intake with germicidal protection using UV light irradiation and ionization

  • Ceiling fan in each room

  • Insulation between rooms to minimize sound transfer

  • Monitored cameras of interior space with audio capability

  • Maximum of two dogs per room -- must be from the same family

Boarding for dogs may include a “meet and greet” appointment.

Our goal is to have a relatively quiet, peaceful and calm setting for all of our canine customers. Meet and greet appointments can help in evaluating behavior. Dogs that exhibit excessive barking or scratching behaviors are not likely to be happy here, and an alternative overnight dog boarding service is recommended.

If you choose group play (versus private play) for your dog, we will make an assessment at the time of boarding your dog to determine if your pet can remain in the group play setting. See rates below.

Grass and Trees in Yard
dog kennel hallway with ten rooms
Dog room with window and cot

Rates for Overnight Dog Boarding Services

We accept credit cards, cash and checks.

Group Play Rates

$42.00 per night for your first dog
$32.00 per night for your second dog and for any additional dogs

$10 extra per night for each intact male dog

Private Play Rates

$15 extra per night for each dog

Boarding for Dogs: Vaccinations

We have both mandatory and recommended vaccinations. Vaccination records can be uploaded on the reservation site. 

Required Vaccinations for Dogs

Dogs that do not have the following vaccinations at least seven days prior to drop-off cannot be boarded at our facility.

A current titer test is acceptable for all vaccinations except for rabies. Vaccinations can often last longer than the minimum amount of time recommended by your vet. However, while the practice of obtaining an antibody titer is less costly than administering the rabies vaccine on a regular schedule, it does not meet our vaccination requirements. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, a rabies virus antibody titer cannot be interpreted as an index of immunity in place of revaccination.

  • Bordetella

  • DHPP (or DA2PP): Distemper, Adenovirus 1 (Hepatitis), Adenovirus 2 (Respiratory virus), Parainfluenza, Parvovirus

  • Flea and tick medication

  • Rabies

Recommended Vaccinations/Tests

  • Canine Influenza

  • Leptospirosis

  • Roundworm/Hookworm/Whipworm/Tapeworm

  • Testing fecal at each vet visit to rule-out parasitic infections

Pick-up and Drop-off Times

Pick-up and drop-off are by appointment only. You can set your appointments when you book your reservation. Please bring your dog on a leash at drop-off.

Schedule Appointments

  • Monday through Saturday: Between 9:30am and 11:45am and between 1:00pm and 6:45pm

  • Sunday: Between 11am and 11:45am and between 1:00pm and 6:45pm

Dogs picked up after 12:00 pm (noon) on the last day of the stay will be charged an additional overnight fee.​

What to Bring

  • Medications: All prescription medications MUST be kept in their original containers and include indication, dosage, and veterinarian contact information. Unfortunately, we cannot take diabetic dogs. 

  • Food: Be sure to bring enough food for your dog’s full stay plus one or two extra days. Storage space is limited, so please bring food in a smaller container. We supply all bowls. 

  • Personal items: Bring any bedding, toys and chews that will make your dog's stay more comfortable and familiar. You can even leave an item of your clothing to remind your dog of you.

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