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<img src=“Frankie employee.jpg” alt=“calico cat lying on kitchen floor on hot day”>

Frankie is our Security Officer.  She is currently resting after a long morning of scoping out the yard and keeping it free of unwanted pests.  She is little but has a strong personality, is super fast, loves climbing trees and has no fear. Her short legs make her waddle when she walks or runs and her meow sounds more like a chirp or a squeak.

Drawing of Cat


<img src=“Buster employee.jpg” alt=“tabby cat with green eyes and white whiskers lying down looking at camera”>

Buster is the Front Desk Greeter.  He has a loving temperament and high energy.  He lost his tail and one rear leg, but he gets around well. He may be the first to say hello and show off his muscles.


<img src=“Carmen employee.jpg” alt=“Woman hugging black and white cat with trees in background”>

I have been in operation since 2017 and love my job!  My love of animals has always been a part of who I am.  You can be assured I will give your dog and cat a home-like experience.


<img src=“Panda employee.jpg” alt=“black and white cat standing on ladder looking into rafters at construction site”>

Panda is the Construction and Operations Manager.  He is doing a preliminary inspection of the framing during the build. He loves food & cuddling and is Buster's wrestling partner. He loves being outdoors but definitely prefers a warm bed inside when the weather is not optimal.

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