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Terms and Conditions Read Cancellation Policy CAREFULLY!

Fees and Charges: I agree to pre-pay the boarding fees for pets boarded with Dogz & Katz Luxury Pet Boarding facility (Carmen Brinkman, owner). I agree to pay the full price of my contracted time, even if I pick up my pet(s) early. I understand that my reservation is taking a space for other potential clients.

Reservation Cancellation, Deposits and Modification Policy: If I cancel or modify my reservation less than 7 days prior to my pet(s) check-in date, I understand I will be charged 50% of the original reservation charge for a rebooking fee, per pet. If I do not show up with my pet(s) for my reservation and do not cancel (no-show), I understand I will be charged, in full, for the entire reservation fee, as originally booked. Charges will be placed on my credit card on file and include a credit card service fee.

Veterinary Care: A group play environment (dogs only) has the potential risk of minor to serious injury, illness or loss of life. I will not hold Dogz & Katz, the company owners or any staff member liable for any claim arising from injury, illness or loss of life to my pet(s). I will allow Dogz & Katz to give first-aid treatment. However, in cases of medical emergency, my pet(s) will be transported to the nearest veterinary clinic or emergency veterinarian for after clinic hours. I agree to pay any medical expenses incurred during my pet(s) stay if an emergency arises that threatens the health of my pet. Dogz & Katz will make all reasonable attempts to contact me in event of an emergency prior to veterinary visit unless event is life threatening. I give my consent to have my pet(s) treated for care under the above circumstances and will pay for all services rendered according to my wishes stated on the reservation site. I also authorize my primary veterinary care provider to release medical records in an emergency in order to provide the best care for my ill or injured animal.

Fleas and Ticks: I agree to treat my pet(s), prior to boarding, with a tick and flea product. I agree to have Dogz & Katz treat my pet(s) for ticks or fleas with a veterinarian-approved product if they are discovered during the boarding reservation period. I will pay for this treatment when I pick up my pet(s). Cost is $5 per treatment, per pet. Pet will be released upon payment.

Vaccinations Required: I understand that my pet(s) must have current vaccinations (FVCRP, rabies, FeLV or negative test for indoor cats) - (DHLPP, rabies, canine influenza, Bordetella for dogs) in order to be boarded at Dogz & Katz. A current antibody titer test is acceptable for all vaccinations except for rabies. I understand that if my pet(s) does not have these vaccinations, Dogz & Katz reserves the right to refuse boarding. Dogz & Katz will not board pets who appear ill or exhibit symptoms of any serious illness at time of drop-off. A copy of the current vaccinations must be on file with Dogz & Katz. I understand my dog may not be allowed to socialize with other dogs if vaccinations are not completed within the acceptable time-frame to ensure immunity at time of boarding.

Agreement to Claim Pet: If I fail to pick up my pet(s) by the agreed upon boarding duration and no further agreement with Dogz & Katz has been made, Dogz & Katz will attempt to contact me by phone, email and the emergency contacts I provide. Also, a notice will be sent via certified mail with return receipt requested to my address. If my pet(s) is not claimed and all boarding charges paid within ten (10) days from date of notice, pet(s) will be considered abandoned and Dogz & Katz will become owner of the pet. Animal(s) may be placed in foster care for adoption and/or animal control authorities notified. I agree that I will reimburse Dogz & Katz for all expenses incurred in association with this action. See 2017 Minnesota Statutes 346.37 General Provisions Subdivision 1. Abandoned animals.

Cleaning of Pet if Needed: I allow Dogz & Katz to take reasonable and necessary steps to clean or marginally clip areas on my pet(s) that may be soiled due to urine, feces or environmental circumstances. I will not hold Dogz & Katz liable for any conditions arising from these procedures. Also, if boarding a cat, I agree to allow nails to be trimmed if snagging or catching on carpeted areas.

Photographs and Videos: Unless indicated otherwise on my pet information form, I allow Dogz & Katz to take photographs and/or videos of my pet(s) for posting to social media sites owned and managed by Dogz & Katz for promotional purposes. I release Dogz & Katz from all liability associated with such use.




ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. I understand that Dogz & Katz Luxury Pet Boarding does not have medically trained personnel on staff and will not assume any legal or medical responsibility for the administration of medication.

PERMISSION. I further understand that the person who has volunteered to administer medication to my pet will be provided with information regarding the medication, including side effects and storage requirements.

RECEIPT OF MEDICATIONS: All medications must be in the original container with the pet's name, dosage, administration instructions and prescribing veterinarian name and contact information.


By signing this form or agreeing online -- for myself and for my pet-- I voluntarily release, discharge, waive, and relinquish all claims that I may have against the Dogz & Katz Luxury Pet Boarding or the owner, Carmen Brinkman, or any staff members, for any injury, damage, or death for any medical care or management, for any costs incurred for veterinary care for medical emergencies and for any issues arising out of the administration of, or failure to administer, medication to my pet.

Contract is to be signed electronically on Reservation Site at time of booking.

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Dogz & Katz Luxury Pet Boarding

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