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Cat boarding services your cat will love!

Your cat will enjoy play and interaction throughout the day in a beautiful, themed room at our hotel for cats. There are no kennels here. Our spacious, comfortable rooms offer fun cat trees, windows and bird feeders. We would love to have you book a stay for up to three cats from your family per room if they are at least three months old.

Cat Hotel Rooms

  • 6’ by 8’ rooms – no kennels

  • Large lookout window in each room with a view of a bird feeder just outside

  • Peaceful country setting

  • Free brushing and cuddles

  • Fresh air ventilation system to keep rooms clean and fresh

  • Thoroughly sanitized rooms in between reservations

  • Maximum of three cats per room – must be from one family

Main hallway.jpg

Check out the rooms in our cat hotel.

Birds, Bees and Butterflies

This room is a cat's dream. There is so much to see! A bird feeder hangs outside the window of each room to provide your cat with a close-up view of the colorful birds of Minnesota.


At the Lake

Your kitty will enjoy a calm and relaxing vacation "At the Lake." And what's not to love about a lake – with FISH! Onsite camping with tent included. Sorry, no campfires allowed, but we promise to keep the temperature just right in each of our cat hotel rooms. This room is a great place for your cat to practice fishing skills!

At the Lake.jpg

Down on the Farm

This room is a cat's haven with plenty of mice (fake ones, of course). Your cat will get a real farm experience when staying "Down on the Farm." Don’t worry. Your cat won’t have to do any farm work here. It’s simply a place to relax and includes a two-story barn. Mice are available to play with, and we can infuse them with catnip if you like.


In The Doghouse

Being in the doghouse is not always a bad thing! This room will let feline customers experience all the comforts that are usually only afforded to dogs. There are two small doghouses your cat can hide or rest in. Acting like a dog while "In the Doghouse" is not frowned upon.

In the dh.jpg

Rates for Overnight Cat Boarding

Some cat boarding facilities charge extra for brushing, night-time cuddles or administering medications. But at our cat hotel, there are no upsell charges for basic comforts your cat expects (things we love to do anyway). Bring your cat’s favorite brush or comb.

We accept credit cards, cash and checks.

$36.00 per night for your first cat
$26.00 per night for your second cat
$24.00 per night each for your third cat and for any additional cats

Cat Boarding: Required Vaccinations

Cats that do not have the following vaccinations at least seven days prior to drop-off cannot be boarded at our facility. Vaccination records can be uploaded on the reservation site.


A current titer test is acceptable for all vaccinations except for rabies. Vaccinations can often last longer than the minimum amount of time recommended by your vet. However, while the practice of obtaining an antibody titer is less costly than administering the rabies vaccine on a regular schedule, it does not meet our vaccination requirements. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, a rabies virus antibody titer cannot be interpreted as an index of immunity in place of revaccination.

  • FeLV (or a previous negative test result for indoor cats)

  • FVRCP (Distemper): Includes Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus and Panleukopenia.

  • Rabies

Pick-up and Drop-off Times

Pick-up and drop-off are by appointment only. You can set your appointments when you book your reservation. Please bring your cat in a kennel. We will slowly introduce your cat to the surroundings, creating a more relaxing experience. If you think your cat may be anxious, bring a favorite toy or object to identify with you or your home. Cats tend to be calmer when there are familiar scents in their surroundings.

Schedule Appointments

  • Between 10:00 am and 11:45 am

  • Between 1:00 pm and 6:45 pm

Cats picked up after 12:00 pm (noon) on the last day of the stay will be charged an additional overnight fee.​

What to Bring

  • Medications: : All prescription medications MUST be kept in their original containers and include indication, dosage and veterinarian contact information. Unfortunately, we cannot take diabetic cats. We administer medications at no additional cost. If a medication requires direct handling of your cat, a meet and greet appointment is required. Please contact us at 952-820-5750 to discuss this before boarding your cat. 

  • Food: Be sure to bring plenty of your cat's food to last the full stay. Fresh food will be served on your cat’s individual schedule. We supply all bowls. 

  • Personal items: Bring any bedding, toys and treats that will make your cat's stay more comfortable and familiar.

  • Other items: We supply litter and litter boxes. If your cat requires special litter, you’re welcome to bring it. 

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