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Booking Requirements and Lodging Information

Vaccination requirements for Cats:

1. Rabies

2. FVRCP ("Distemper" includes: Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, and Panleukopenia)

3. FeLV (or a previous negative test result for indoor cats)

A current titer test is acceptable for all vaccinations except for Rabies. Vaccinations can often last longer than the minimum amount of time recommended by your vet. The practice of obtaining an antibody titer is less costly and safer than administering vaccines on a regular schedule.


According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, a rabies virus antibody titer cannot be interpreted as an index of immunity in lieu of revaccination; therefore, a rabies titer cannot be accepted at this time.

Vaccination records can be uploaded on the reservation site. 

Cats who do not have the above vaccination of rabies cannot be boarded at this facility.  All vaccinations must be received 7 days prior to boarding.



-Please bring your pet in a kennel. Your cat will be slowly introduced to the surroundings to create a more relaxing experience.

-If you think your pet will be anxious, bring a favorite toy or object to identify with you or your home.  Animals relate to smells and are calmer having something familiar.

-We like brushing and combing.  Bring your pets favorite grooming tool.

-Bring your cat's food and any medications.  All prescription medications MUST be kept in original container and include indication, dosage, vet name and contact information. Unfortunately, I cannot take diabetic cats. Certain medications will require a prior Meet & Greet appointment. Please contact me at 952-820-5750 to discuss.
-I will supply all bowls, litter and litter boxes.  If your cat needs a certain type he/she is familiar with using, feel free to bring it along.  

-Cats must be at least three months of age.


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Dogz & Katz Luxury Pet Boarding

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