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Kelly, Kennel Attendant

I believe that every dog is unique and lovable. You just need to take the time to learn their personalities. Since early childhood, dogs have been an integral part of my life.  I grew up in Evergreen, Colorado near the tree line on Mt. Evans, with our closest neighbor miles away.  My Dad bred and trained German Shepherd police dogs. Every time I left the property to go on adventures in the wild, they went with me.  One day, a Great Dane chased me as I came home from middle school.  I got to the front porch scared but excited that I had a new best friend. Yep, Mom let me keep him, and I named him Limo. 

Ask her about: how many German Shepherds her father trained at a time

Binx, Fitness Program Specialist

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About Dogz & Katz Luxury Dog and Cat Boarding

Meet Our Staff

Carmen, Owner

"The facilities themselves are beautifully kept ..."


"I could not have asked for a better experience. I will definitely be back!"


"Carmen is the absolute BEST for cat boarding!!"


"Our dog loves his time here ... It is like paradise for him. There are huge fenced yards ..."


Owner of Dogz & Katz Luxury Pet Boarding

Opening a pet care business was always a dream of mine. It finally became a reality when I opened Dogz & Katz in 2017 to provide high-quality cat and dog boarding. And I love my job! You can be assured I will give your dog or cat a home-like experience. My love of animals has always been a part of who I am. 


Over the years, I’ve had several pets, including four dogs, about a dozen cats (not all at the same time!) and a horse. I was the kid who always invited stray animals into our home and begged my parents to let me keep them. I have a sixth sense about animals that I can't explain, but I always feel like I have a good connection with them. My empathy for them is what makes me so good at caring for all animals.

Ask her about: her pet squirrel

Erin, Kennel Attendant

I’ve had a passion for animals since I was young. Pets have always been a part of my life. Over the years, I've had five cats, hamsters, ducklings, fish, a dog and a bunny.

Besides caring for pets, I enjoy observing, learning and understanding their behaviors. Building trust with our furry friends is so important in caring for them. I strive to make each pet at Dogz & Katz feel right at home.

Ask her about: rescuing a hamster from the inside of a VCR – it was unharmed 

Staff at Dogz & Katz Luxury Pet Boarding

Frankie, Security Officer

Frankie is in charge of scoping out the yard and keeping it free of unwanted pests. After her duties are finished (and sometimes during her shift as well), she takes a long rest. She may be small, but she has a big personality. Her favorite pastime is climbing trees. She has no fear and is very fast. Her short legs make her waddle when she walks or runs, and her meow sounds more like a chirp or a squeak.


Frankie says: “I’ve owned at least three humans that I can remember. When I lived with a previous human, I had a litter of kittens. Then I adopted another human who later became unwell, so I adopted my last and favorite human – Carmen. I’m an indoor/outdoor kind of gal. I love finding a comfy spot in the house. But when I am outside, I like to hide in the tall grass or the farmer's field and tend to ignore my human when she calls for me.”


Ask her about: the time she made a new friend who was black with a white stripe from head to tail

Frankie, owner's cat and security officer for Dogz & Katz Luxury Pet Boarding
Panda, owner's cat and construction and operations manager for Dogz & Katz Luxury Pet Boarding

Panda, Construction and Operations Manager

Whenever we have a construction or maintenance project in the works to improve our boarding services for dogs and cats, Panda manages all of the activities involved, from preliminary inspections of framing for build projects to keeping service providers on task. He loves food and cuddling, and he’s Buster's wrestling partner. While he enjoys being outdoors, he definitely prefers a warm bed inside when the weather is not optimal.

Panda says: “I have owned at least two humans. I met my current human at Petco. She lives with me at a home that used to be hers. When I moved in, I didn't know what a mouse was. I just played with it on the steps. But now I’ve learned to be a great mouser and sometimes leave them as gifts at the front door for my human. I also like to eat … A LOT. I’ve been known to steal the food of my other four-legged roommates. Shhh ... don't tell my human.

Ask him about: the time he met his first mouse

Binx loves his part-time job at Dogz & Katz. He encourages all dogs to participate in activities in the large outdoor play area. You’ll often find him challenging other dogs to a race. One of his key responsibilities is designing custom programs for canine clients to improve their cardiovascular health, muscle tone and lung capacity. Binx has a great sense of humor and loves to snack on dental treats.

Binx says: “My parents say I have more energy than sense. But I turned my high energy and my running skills into a great career in fitness. I’m one of the fastest canines south of the Minnesota river … at grabbing treats from a human’s hand. I love making new friends – both canine and human. One of my favorite pastimes is having a human scratch my back, but I also love long naps on the couch.”

Ask him about: the time he found evidence for a police investigation

Binx, fitness program specialist for Dogz & Katz Luxury Pet Boarding
Buster, owner's cat and front desk greeter for Dogz & Katz Luxury Pet Boarding

Buster, Front Desk Greeter

Buster is usually the first to say hello to dog and cat boarding customers. He supervises check-in for both cat and dog boarding. But once those tasks are complete, he quickly shifts to showing off his muscles. Buster’s loving temperament and high energy make him perfectly suited for his customer service responsibilities. While he lost his tail and one hind leg, he doesn’t let his disability slow him down.

Buster says: “I used to live on the streets. But then I checked into a pet hotel – you know, the kind humans call a rescue? But it wasn't very nice. So, I decided to adopt a human instead. My new human says it was love at first sight. When I had an infected tail and later needed to have it removed, she helped care for me. So I decided to keep her. Boy, did I make a good call because one day, I roamed too far from home and hurt my leg. I had to have it removed, too. She helped me through it. I plan on sticking closer to home in the future.”

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