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Dog Room
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Luxury Pet Boarding for Dogz & Katz

At Dogz & Katz Luxury Pet Boarding, we offer a different breed of pet boarding. Our facility is more like a pet hotel. There are no kennels – just large, separate rooms with all the comforts of home. Dogz enjoy our generous, fenced-in outdoor play areas set in the river valley countryside. Katz love our spacious, comfortable rooms with fun cat trees, windows and bird feeders.

Your pet will love it here!

Our staff will give your cat or dog lots of individualized attention. We are passionate about caring for animals and creating an exceptional environment for boarding pets.

Meet our dog and cat boarding staff.

Read customer reviews.

Pet Boarding Basics for Dogz

When they’re done running and playing in our monitored 33,000-square-foot play yard with six-foot fencing, our canine customers can relax in their rooms and gaze through their windows overlooking the grounds. Here are a few prerequisites for a stay:

  • A Meet & Greet appointment may be required prior to a stay at our pet hotel. 

  • Please bring your dog on a leash.

  • Dogs must be at least four months old.


Learn more about our luxury dog boarding and review our booking requirements.

Cat Room
dog yard run and play area

Pet Boarding Basics for Katz

Our feline customers love the unique designs of our boarding rooms. There are plenty of interesting play features to your cat mentally stimulated and busy. Here are a few prerequisites for a stay:

  • Please bring your cat to our pet hotel in a kennel.

  • Cats must be at least three months old. 


Learn more about our luxury cat boarding and review our booking requirements.

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